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"What If Everything You Believed About Your Website Was WRONG?"

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Dear Fellow Authors and Writers:

It’s hard to market effectively during these downtrodden times. Many
businesses/entrepreneurs and folks from all walks of life are posting their
business, service or talent online. I’m sure you found that attempting to
make your website seem appealing is no cake walk. “It’s really difficult to
find a consultant or coach who can help out. I wish I had multiple sources.”

Do you have the same problem?

As a Website Makeover coach and trainer, I was once in your shoes. In
fact, I had tremendous success with my first novel; Won’t Be Denied
however, noticed that the sales began to plummet shortly after. It was
through my determination that I was going to learn how to successfully
become stellar and consistent at internet marketing with great results. 

But my website, Website Makeover Workshop will give you a more in depth
context of my story and what is also available. 

On this website you will begin to understand how we can better help you and
how we can work together. You will get client testimonials, a biographical
background, independent writers who have written articles in the open forum,
how to design, market and continue building that successful marketing for the
book or other literary piece you have written. 

From experience, I have learned the best time to hire someone on as a
consultant, is to evaluate their work and what they have accomplished before
hiring them on to tackle your project. You want to feel comfortable about their
capabilities in advance so that when the time comes, you know who to turn to
and contact, perhaps even refer someone you may know. 

I also urge you to take advantage of a FREE gift. It is a FREE marketing
e-course which will give you some great tidbits to start out and increase the
traffic to your website. Why not take time to sign up today? You’ll only lose
invaluable time and I am open for any and all contact to help out those who
I share a kinship with, authors and writers.



Testimonial #1
"...they decided to buy the book."

Author - Savannah J - Richmond, VA

"Since then I have had some visitors who've come to my website, signed my guest book, and told me how informative they now find my website. And how exciting it was to be able to read the excerpt on the front page, and because of that they decided to buy the book."


Testimonial #2
"Your ideas for my site were perfect..."

Author - R.L. Taylor - Lansing, MI

"The presentations you gave were amazing. Really great work! Your ideas for my site were perfect and made sense as soon as I heard them. I am going to rework the website homepage as soon as I can."




C.F. Jackson

 P.S. One last thing... Also you'll receive your FREE 60 Minute Audio
 Tutorial on Online Book Marketing Strategies..




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